“MAISONdes" is an imaginary one-room, six-and-a-half-mat apartment. Several songs, such as "Yowanehaki" and "Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous," have been played more than 100 million on streaming services in Japan. The apartment is home to a group of residents, each of whom leads a different lifestyle. One resident, at the beginning of a new life, felt that the future was bright, but is gradually being crushed by reality and is spending the days with worries. Another resident goes about daily life, ignoring the anxiety that suddenly boils over. However, not only the residents of this apartment, but all of us living in today's society have gaps in our minds of different shapes and sizes. In one room the size of six-and-a-half tatami mats, artists living in the same era are creating songs and stories that fit perfectly in these individually shaped gaps, through cooperation that would not be possible in any other place. Such a place is "MAISONdes," and the stories that emerge from it are called "Rokujyou-Han Pops". You will surely find "a song for you" here.